Folder Marker Pro

Folder Marker Pro 4.4

Add colour-coding to folder navigation options

Assign colours to system folders. Simplify browsing by selecting specific colour codes and visualize the current layout of drives and subdirectories. Alternatively, select image files and associate them with specific types of data. Label complete and incomplete data bundles, type of information, etc.

Folder Marker Pro 3.0 is a very useful program for marking out folders that are really special for you. It contains a range of tools for changing the appearance of folders’ icons. For example you can change any folder's color, signify its priority level or choose another icon for it. Also you can specify a folder as "done work", "approved work", "planned work" and things like these. It is very useful if during your work you have to deal with lots of projects. The program gives you an opportunity to mark any folder you like in two ways. The first one is right-clicking on a folder and choosing a necessary action in the "Mark Folder" menu. The second one is using program’s main window. Here you can choose the folders you want to mark out and a distinctive sign. All distinctive signs are divided in groups by special tabs. If you want to set a common appearance for a group of folders with similar features then select the “Multiple folders” option. If your folder contains subfolders then the change of its appearance can be applied to them too. Folder Marker Pro 3.0 has a very simple and convenient interface.

Ilya Barmenkov
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  • Convenient interface
  • Stable work
  • Helps in folders organizing


  • Small main window
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